A Quintology of Diaries (2016)

A Quintology of Diaries is a slipcased set of five books. 205 x 255 mm, 324 pages, 114 color plates, 29 black and white plates printed and bound to perfection. Edition of 500. With texts by Luis Delgado, Harris Fogel, Hannah Frieser, Bill Kouwenhoven, Alison Nordström and myself.

Signed Edition: CHF 125 + shipping
Signed on slipcase.

Limited Edition: CHF 480 + shipping
Limited to 50 copies. Signed and numbered on slipcase. Comes with a set of 5 prints. Choice of 5 different sets. E-mail me for a choice of printsets.

Collector's Edition: CHF 680 + shipping
Limited to 25 copies. Signed and numbered on slipcase. Comes with a set of 5 prints and a framed print of your choice in the size of the slipcase. E-mail me for a choice of printset and a choice of framed prints.

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Aurora – Guatemala City Habitat (2013)

Limited only Edition of 100. 52 pages, 21 pictures, hardcover with dustjacket, 25x21 cm, introduction by Peggy Sue Amison, each book comes with a beautiful original signed an numbered print. Printed by Seltmann & Söhne, Germany.
Ars Victoria Verlag, Siegen Germany 2013

Only one copy remaining. Prints 1, 2 and 3 sold out. 149,80 Euro / 225 USD
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City of Ambition (2009)

Chongqing: City of Ambition – Texts by Diana Edkins and Bill Kouwenhoven, 112 pages, 65 photos in full color, Hardbound with dust jacket, 30x24 cm, Schilt Publishing (English edition) and Benteli Verlag (German edition) 2009.

To order a signed copy in English email me @ (CHF 65, € 65, USD 75)

Shanghai (2000)

Shanghai – photographs by Ferit Kuyas, Edy Brunner, Marco Paoluzzo, with texts by Wang An Yi, Urs Morf and Ferit Kuyas, 132 pages,
30x31 cm, 120 tritone plates, Hardbound with dust jacket, published 2000 by Edition Stemmle, Zurich. This book is a wide-ranging portrait of the Chinese metropolis. The net result of their various approaches is a unique portrait in black and white – modern, complex, and unprecedented in style.

English or German edition, signed, with original print: CHF 250, € 210, USD 280
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Industrial Interiors (1998)

Industrial Interiors – With text by Benedikt Loderer, Hans-Peter Bärtschi and Ferit Kuyas, 120 pages, with 90 black and white images
printed in tritone, published 1999 by Edition Stemmle, Zurich.

Sold out. Used copies available through Amazon and other dealers.

Bauplatz – Schauplatz (2004)

Bauplatz – Schauplatz: The book is a conceptual approach to the art of constructing. 21x30 cm, 28 pages, text by Rudolf Späni, 62 pictures, hardbound with dust jacket, in German, published 2004 by Butti Baumeister, Switzerland.

Special Edition of 50 books, signed and numbered, comes with an original print. CHF 120, € 100, USD 110.

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